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Refund Policy

Expectation Walkers


1st Floor, Room no : 482, Thachapilly,

Thellappily Junction, Irinjalakuda


Thrissur, Kerala





- +91 7306111069 | +91 7306111070


Policy Overview:

This refund policy applies to all payments made to Expectation Walkers. We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our donors and maintaining transparency in our financial transactions.


Refund Eligibility:

We will consider refund requests under the following circumstances:


1. Unauthorised Transaction: If a payment was made fraudulently or without the donor's consent.


2. Technical Issues: In case of accidental duplicate transactions or other technical errors causing multiple payment.


3. Donor Error: If a user makes an error in the amount of payment, please contact us promptly for a refunds.



How to Request a Refund:

To request a refund, please contact us via one of the following methods:



- +91 7306111069 | +91 7306111070


When requesting a refund, please provide the following information:


1. Your full name and contact information.

2. Date of the payment.

3. Amount of the payment.

4. Reason for the refund request.


Refund Processing

Once we receive your refund request, we will review it and respond as soon as possible. Refunds will be issued using the original payment method. Please allow a reasonable processing time.


Contact Information

If you have any questions about our refund policy, please contact us at:

Shikha k

+91 9778468190


Changes to this Policy:

14 days refund policy

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