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"An unforgettable smile of gratitude when i helped him in his need gave me my purpose of life.

I am Jayajit Prasad ,founder of Expectation walkers, currently pursuing B.A literature in Christ College ,Irinjalakuda.

Apart from running the NGO with my EW family, I am a musician,an athlete and an orator. At the age of 15 , I secured the ""Robotics phase 1"" certification from Kerala State Science and Technology dept. My love for robotics doesnt end there. I worked an year in the project team of innovation hub , an endeavour of A P J Abdul Kalam Sir, under the KSCSTE. The project was to make TENS(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)and convert into a Arduino Chip board enabled robotic device.

None of these, talk about the love I have in spreading smiles. The memories I hold dear and that has paved the way are from being the team incharge for many NGOs. Further down the lane , I became the Kerala's campaign lead of friend2support organization, the world's largest voluntary blood donation organisation. This is where the birth of my ngo, expectation walkers, begin. Currently, I am in a hustle to spread our wings us wide us possible and spread innumerable smiles."


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